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Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook Invalid XML Error

Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook Invalid XML Error 1

Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook Invalid XML Error

Tips to fix cannot start Microsoft Outlook invalid XML error

Now that you know what can make this error happen, let us try to fix these on our own. Here are the five methods mentioned one by one. Check out which helps you.

2.1 Use Inbox Repair tool

One of the promising ways to resolve cannot open Outlook invalid XML issue can be Inbox Repair Tool. This tool is designed by Microsoft to help people repairing their PST files as well as any problems related to it. If the PST files get damaged, you may get this problem and hence as the first method, we would like to suggest you going with this. This is how you can repair it when stuck with cannot start Outlook invalid XML problem.

Step 1: In your PC, begin with launching the Windows Explorer. And for this, you got to push the key combination of “Windows” and “E” on your keyboard.

Step 2: When you see it opening, simply navigate to the following path:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\{Office version}

If you own a PC that is having 64-bit Windows and 32-bit Office is installed, go along with the following path:
C:\Program Files x86\Microsoft Office\{Office version}

Step 3: Once done, make sure to look for the “Scanpst.exe” and when you discover it, click twice on it to move further. Alternatively, go to the Start button and press it. On the search box, type “Scanpst.exe”.

fix cannot start Microsoft Outlook invalid XML error

Step 4: Now, ensure to click on the “Browse” button so that you can select the default Outlook.pst file.

Step 5: Once done with this, further the process with clicking on the “Start” button. The file will be scanned now. You might be shown a message in the dialog box of Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool if the file is having errors. The message would be, “Errors were found in this file. To repair these errors, click Repair.”

SOLVED: Cannot open the Outlook window. Invalid XML

Step 6: Do as the message says, i.e. click “Repair” and the PST file will begin to repair. Wait until it gets completed. Once done, launch the Outlook application and see if the problem is gone with the PST file or not.

 Recover the Navigation Pane Configuration file

Apart from PST files getting corrupted, if there is the Navigation pane settings that have gone through the same trouble, probably you cannot start Microsoft Outlook and invalid XML error is likely to appear. Thus, with this method, we would like you to see the navigation pane settings if the above method didn’t work for you. If these are corrupted, here is how you can do some configurations.

Step 1: Launch the Run dialog box. You can press the “Windows” and “R” keys to do this. When it opens at the bottom, simply type “outlook.exe /resetnavpane”.

Step 2: When you have keyed in the command, press the Enter key or hit on “OK”. The command will do the work now. Run Outlook now and your navigation settings will start getting recovered now.

fix cannot start Microsoft Outlook invalid XML error

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