Free Cloud Storage Services in 2020

10 Best Free Cloud Storage Services in 2020

Free Cloud Storage Services in 2020

Free Cloud Storage Services in 2020

Free instant-access online storage

Cloud Computing may be a revolution within the IT world that has changed the meaning of IT resources for businesses. In simple terms, cloud computing is said to the delivery of cloud computing services – storage, compute, networking, database and more, over the web . Cloud storage is what we’ve adopted intentionally or unintentionally; there’s a buzz all around about the free cloud storage solutions.

The cloud storage has nowadays become a prized possession for very small and enormous business groups. the companies try to not believe hardware that’s costly and thereby want to modify their data to the simplest free cloud storage available. But there are many businesses that have little or no knowledge of cloud storage and hence are surrounded by the blind beliefs of the normal storage devices.

To benefit such businesses, we’ve compiled this blog to assist them understand what’s cloud storage and what are the simplest cloud storage options available for his or her businesses. Let’s get started!

What is Cloud Storage?
The traditional methods of storing data like hard drives and pen drives or the other memory device have tons of benefits associated. But once the memory device gets corrupted all the info stored gets lost. Hence the utilization of cloud storage acts as a reproduction of the normal storage devices where the users can store their data and keep their backup files on hardware and USB flash drives.

The IT sectors are always stressed when it’s time for them to modify over to new software or technologies as this makes them hire more employees, but with the simplest free cloud storage available, the investment of the IT sectors has reduced comparatively. the simplest free cloud storage club members have introduced many free plans for businesses to ease their look for free storage.

List of Top 10 Free Cloud Storage Available in 2020
There are variety of free cloud storage options available lately . These cloud storage are easy to use and supply free space for storing up to 50GB. These storage solutions are often used for private also as business storage. All you would like is get some basic knowledge about these free cloud storage and choose the foremost suitable one. Here we bring the list of the simplest free cloud storage, let’s dive deep to understand more about these cloud storage solutions.

1. Google Drive

As we all know all online storage works an equivalent way i.e. we use a file, store on the online , and sync it in our computers. But there are many standing features of Google Drive that creates it special among all the opposite cloud storage because it lets the users store their personal stuff during a personal way and moreover the Google free cloud storage provides with excellent free storage of 15GB and is one among the simplest cloud storage.

google drive free cloud
The Google Drive offline services help its users to look at all the files and photos that are saved online even once they have bad network service. Scanning documents have now become much easier by just taking a snap of the document and therefore the rest is completed by the drive like storing them in PDF form. Google free cloud storage is taken into account the simplest which is integrated with all other Google services.

2. Media Fire

Media Fire is straightforward to use and one among the simplest free cloud storage used for storing documents and photos online. The initial free storage that media fire provides is 10GB but their incredible feature is that the free storage are often increased up to 50 GB. This cloud storage has many features that have made handling of files easier.Media Fire

Media fire has made possible uploading multiple files directly from any browser which may be a unique feature and makes it different from the others. Organizing files within the file manager of Media Fire became easier. checking out something that provides an ideal personal document features? The Media Fire is here to ease your search because it helps the users in sending documents with a specialized and free just one occasion link which enables the recipients to share it further.


This is also one among the opposite best free cloud storage available. provides free storage of about 5GB. it’s become quite easy to copy files with only the users have used something better than the sync folder because exploring the web panel which offers incredible features is productive. the simplest feature of the is that the restoring of deleted files and thereby stops users from regretting mysteriously lost important documents.

Get free space feature is that the best feature that offers. If a user wants to urge a touch more room for files and photos what’s to be done is tell a lover about Sync and therefore the number of friends signs up for sync gets a free gigabyte along side the user who recommends it to others. The Sync Vault may be a feature which helps the users to save lots of files and documents during a special space for storing referred to as Vault which is different from the Sync folder and every one that’s required to be done just select a file and choose the choice of Copy to Vault and your important data gets a backup.

4. Mega

The Mega cloud storage may be a great space for storing that’s much almost like the dropbox storage but the difference between the 2 is that the amount of the space that both the cloud storage provides. 50GB of free space is out there for the Mega cloud storage users. Mega cloud storage helps users to download multiple files within the zip file and uploading files through the mobile app is additionally possible.Mega free storage

The unbeatable storage of 50GB has made it among one among the favored free cloud storage available and has attracted an outsized number of users towards Mega cloud storage. The users who are checking out a superb computer file option should definitely check in Mega cloud storage because it only provides the simplest storage but also with the various security measures .


This is one among the powerful and latest free cloud storage compared to all or any other cloud storage due to its great copy features. Any sort of small and enormous powerpoint presentations, photos, videos or even even other large CAD files are often safely kept within the Dropbox. Dropbox provides the users with easy sync features that help to access the files and documents to the Dropbox from any device.

Dropbox free storage provides users with many features that are extremely helpful. during a ll|one amongst|one in every of”> one among the helpful features is that a user can protect all the files and documents in a lost device by clearing the documents from the device with the remote wipe feature that it provides. Dropbox free storage offers an honest space for storing (2GB) that’s free but just in case of users are in need of more room , there are many plans which will help them to urge the specified storage of their choice.

Have any doubt while adopting Google Cloud hosting for your business? inspect these top 7 advantages of selecting Google Cloud Hosting and decide!

6. pCloud

pCloud is one among the simplest free cloud storage options that provide 2TB storage and its unlimited remote upload traffic feature makes it unique. It offers 10GB of free space for storing to its basic accounts. Resizing pictures on the go without the assistance of software has now become much easier with my.pCloud, which provides a good range of resizing options for its users.

The archive features the pCloud offers is amazing as files are often archived with the create archive option that it provides. The pCloud drive has an option that helps the users automatically lock the crypto folders each and each time they sign off from the device.

7. OneDrive

Keeping documents and files accessible has become possible with the highest free cloud storage solutions like Microsoft OneDrive. Signing up with Microsoft can help users keep everything in one place. It earlier provided 15GB of free space to the users but has now reduced to 5GB. It are often accessed from any device at any point of your time but is pre-installed in windows. This cloud storage is taken into account to be the second favorite storage among businessmen after the Dropbox storage cloud.

The main disadvantage of outlook was the user frustration of saving attachments from emails due to the amount of steps that involved but it’s now become easier for the companies to settle on email attachments and reserve it directly in folders. Now it’s also become easier to make excel surveys and reserve it in OneDrive.

8. iCloud

The Apple iCloud is that the best free cloud storage for Apple users. Initially, it provides users with 5GB of free storage. All documents and files are often stored safely and it’s easy to use. The users of Apple iCloud can share photos and videos with ease with their relations . Organizing files and folders has become easy with Apple iCloud. Apple iCloud helps in sending messages and automatically and saves them. Even the users can start conversations from the precise point that they need stopped earlier.

9.Next Cloud

The Next cloud is another best free cloud storage that helps in protecting data and features a lot of exciting features that attract users. It provides a superb backup feature which helps the users to stay track of all the info even after the device is lost. subsequent Cloud provides two-factor authentication to its users which successively , provides extra protection towards account usage.

10. Amazon Drive

This is another best free cloud storage available that helps the users in saving photos and files securely. This cloud storage has many features that have made handling of files easier. Maintaining an ideal workflow i.e. sharing of photos, videos, and documents, has now become easier with the powerful features of Amazon Drive. It provides 24*7 support and 5GB of free storage after signing up.

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